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A novel of infinite impossibilites

Music: "innà" by kamila kostur (

i become you is a mind-warping, modern, Gothic fairy tale for people who don't believe in fairy tales.


Chock full of heroism and hedonism, psychotics, romantics, possession, self-possession, love, hate, life, death, strangle contests and a telepathic sheep, "I Become You" is the story of all of us, told by someone who is not us, but becomes us, for better, for worse, and in the end, forever. So start reading and blow your own mind.


Hear some famous actor read an excerpt from the book, or listen to some music to put you in the mood. Become us, and we'll become you.

"No god worth the name would ever suffer being called a mere mechanic."

Guesclaine  DeGuerlaine

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