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Zno BookWorks is proud to bring you Thomas Hughes's new novel, I Become You.

We are a small, independent publishing house with one purpose: bring the story back and re-animate genre with work that goes beyond genre. We're not interested in deciduous fiction, the kind that comes pouring out of mfa programs all over the country. Its east coast, let's-quietly-go-to-Maine-to-save-our-marriage ethos is not our cup of tea. We want stories where things happen. More than that, we want stories where weird things happen. We want to read about weird stuff but not read weird stories. We want fiction that defies genre and embraces it at the same time. We're looking for weirdos who turn people on, not off, by grounding insanity in the humdrum that is the greatest insanity of all. If you've ever stared at the sun for longer than you should have because it suddenly, finally and for real dawned on you that a  ball of flaming gas millions and millions of miles away is all that stands between you and frozen oblivion, you're our kind of folks.


Look out for more from Zno BookWorks because we're looking out for you.



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